18 agosto, 2007

¿¿¿Gay bars in Santa Cruz, Bolivia?

Many people asked me to set this post in order to gather information about gay bars in Bolivia, specifically in the city of Santa Cruz. Unfortunately I don´t know much about it... sorry, but at least I am trusting the well-known guys, girls and.... on this subject to give us a guide.
My only experiences in Santa Cruz regarding something closed to a gay bar are: The Faraón disco, located on Vallegrande street, between Ayacucho and Ingavi, and another disco located in front of the Feria Exposición de Santa Cruz (Avenida Roca y Coronado, entre tercer y cuarto anillo). Please someone correct me if I am wrong. Other gay friendly places are Lorca Café (24 de septiembre street and Sucre, next to the Cathedral) and the Manicero which is more a Salsa dancing saloon... although Salsa sounds very straight, Manicero is gay friendly... I´ve seen it myself.
I will do some research and get back on this subject... I would appreciate some help from other queer people better informed than me.
Upppssss... yeah, "El Tomate bistrô" is owned by gay people but I have no idea if the community recognizes the place as gay friendly (sometimes you can be surprised... homos who are homophobic... I know, it´s weird but it happens a lot, especially in countries like Bolivia.

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Joup dijo...

wow, i have been in almost all of the places that you wrote down here....well almost everyone... :S... lets see, i dont know where "el tomate bistro" is....

good blog... i will read u again :)
kisses!! =D

Anónimo dijo...

Hey! I read your blog, would you recommend any of those places to a tourist from US? Thanks! I am visiting Santa Cruz only for Friday night